Terms and conditions

Terms and Contitions

1.     Terms and Conditions

1.1.   These Terms and Conditions apply to the buyer (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) while using the DarkroomCat e-store (Kelle OÜ, Business Register Code 14290332, www.darkroomcat.com, hereinafter referred to as E-Store).

1.2. The E-Store may change the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. The changes shall enter into force at the time of the publishing on the E-Store website. By buying and paying for the product(s) from and to the E-Store, the Customer confirms that (s)he has agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the E-Store.

1.3. If a product is in stock of the E-Store, then a label "Buy" appears next to the product. If the product is out of stock, then the label "Out of Stock" appears next to the product. If, due to a store or accounting error, the E-Store shows that an out of stock product is in stock, then the E-Store shall offer the Customer a comparable product or shall return the payment within 5 (five) business days.

1.4. All products on sale at the E-Store have been produced in Estonia and the products themselves and their design is under copyright protection and copying them is forbidden.

2.   Buying and Prices

2.1. The prices of the E-Store products are in euros and include the Estonian VAT of 20%.

2.2. Shipping fees are added to the order total. The Customer may review the shipping fees prior to payment.

2.3. The E-Store reserves the right to change the prices at any time without prior notice. All changes shall enter into force at the time of the publishing on the E-Store website. If a Customer has paid for the product before the price change, then the price for the Customer shall be the one valid at the time of the purchase.

2.4. If the Customer wishes to purchase the product from outside of Estonia or the EU, then separate international shipping fees shall apply.

3. Placing the Order and Paying

3.1. Before adding the product to the shopping cart, the Customer shall read the product description to be sure that this is the product they wish to purchase (measurements, color, amount, etc). The product tonality may differ from the one displayed on the screen, as screens may differ in their presentation of the tonal range.

3.2. If the product has been selected, then the Customer should press the "Buy" button next to the product. After that the purchase can be finalized or the canceled in accordance with the on screen instructions on the Shopping Cart page. Shipping fees and payment methods are detailed on the same page.
The sum for the purchase shall be transferred to the E-Store bank account. Upon confirming the order the Customer shall pay 100% of the product price plus any shipping fees. The payment deadline is 3 (three) business days. If the payment has not been made in time, then the E-Store has the right to cancel the transaction and release the product for sale.

3.3. Upon confirming the order the Customer shall enter their data: name, valid e-mail address, phone number. When using a courier service, then also the delivery address and if the invoice goes to a company, then the company's information. Correct information ensures faster delivery. The purchases made from the E-Store may be shipped to parcel machines all over Estonia.

3.4. After making a purchase and the payment, the E-Store shall contact the Customer.

3.5. In processing personal data, the E-Store adheres to the Data Protection Act and does not release the Customer's information to third persons unless directed so by law.  

4.   Product Return

4.1. When the Customer has received the product, they have 14 (fourteen) days to review the product and return it when necessary. The E-Store must be informed of the wish to return the product through the www.darkroomcat.com E-Store contact form together with the reason for the return. The E-Store shall reimburse the purchasing price of the product provided that the product has reached the E-Store and shows no signs of wear and tear.

4.2. The returned product must be in its original packaging and show no signs of use.

4.3. If the product shows signs of wear and tear, which did not exist before the product reached the Customer, the E-Store is not obligated to reimburse the money.

4.4. The shipping fees of the returned product shall be covered by the Customer.

4.5. If a product is defective, the E-Store must be informed of this without delay. If it becomes clear that the defect was not caused by the E-Store or the Customer, the E-Store shall replace the product or reimburse the money. The money shall be reimbursed upon return of the defective product to the E-Store. See section 4.1. The costs of replacing a defective product shall be covered by the E-Store.  

5.   Liability

5.1. The E-Store is not responsible for delays or other problems in the case it has been caused due to inaccurate data provided by the Customer.

5.2. The E-Store is not responsible for damages and defects caused by misuse of the product by the Customer. Each product shall last in accordance with its method of use. Each product comes with its instructions.

5.3. The E-Store shall not be responsible for physical wear due to use.

5.4. The E-Store shall not be responsible for tonal differences of different production patches. The variation is minimal, as the batches have been ordered at different times and the variation may not have incurred due to the actions of the E-Store.

5.5. The E-Store shall not be responsible for technical failures not under its control during the use of the E-Store.

5.6. The E-Store shall not be responsible for any possible damages caused by a delayed delivery of the product. Generally the shipments take up to 3 (three) business days to arrive within Estonia. If the product has not reached the Customer by that time, the Customer shall inform the E-Store of this without delay.

5.7. The E-Store is responsible for the correctness of the products in the E-Store and the indicated prices.

5.8. The E-Store is responsible for delivering the correct product.

5.9. All differences between the Customer and the E-Store shall, whenever possible, through negotiations for finding the best solution while keeping in mind the Customer's interests. The Customer is responsible for a timely payment. The Customer is responsible for the correctness of the entered data. The Customer is responsible for the correct use of the product.  

6.   Privacy

6.1. Shopping at the E-Store is safe. The privacy and security of the Customer's data is of utmost importance for the E-Store. The E-Store shall not forward the Customer's data to third parties except in situations where it is necessary for the product delivery through a courier service or designated so by law.

6.2. The data entered by the Customer upon placing the order shall be stored in the E-Store customer database with the purpose of simplifying future transactions.

6.3. The Customer has the right to demand the amendment or deletion of their data from the E-Store customer database.  

7.   Copyright Protection

7.1.   The contents of the E-Store is under copyright protection and is the sole property of the E-Store.

7.2. It is forbidden to use any texts, photos, logos, etc connected with the DarkroomCat trademark without the copyright holder's permission.

7.3.   The design of all products is under copyright protection and it is forbidden to use it without appropriate permission.

7.4.   The content of the E-Store in the form of texts, photos or any other form may not be used without proper reference.

7.5.   If the Customer has any questions in regards to the E-Store products, they may contact the E-Store through the E-Store contact form.