Little notebook with JEdrawings -
the Creatures Who Used to Live

Measurements 10 cm x 13,5 cm

20 pages, 40 sheets of very comfortable notes that suits in the pocket.

You can write down all your
phone or other numbers,
whatever that will come to your mind.

It is made of big leftover paper from the print house. It is hand made.
Covers are quite hard 240g paper.
Inside is natural white, no stripes.

All the figurines are hand drawings and the product is made in Estonia.

Before you buy please read the shopping guide.

SmartPost XS in Estonia 2,59€ (several notebooks)

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EU 5,50€ (1-4 notebooks)
Others 6,50€ (1-4 notebooks)

It can be send via regular post: 1,80€ (1 notebook)

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