Brooch 1

Wooden brooch Apple Tree

Measurements: 3,5 x 3,6cm

Wooden brooch Apple Tree is all hand made and there has been used the same wood material as with the earrings. 

Because every detail is hand sawn they are all a bit different and not all are 100% square.

On the surface of the brooch is an analogue photo which is
enlarged from black and white negative in the darkroom.
All are made one at the time. After it is covered with high quality UV lacquer to protect it.

The product is not afraid of rainy weather but still don't put it in the water. It is natural wood and may damage the wood. If it still happens, just let it dry in natural air.

The photos represent the actual product.

The brooch suits well with the earrings!
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The brooch is made in Estonia.

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Photo of the apple tree ©Reet Sau

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