Midnight Kitten

Midnight Kitten is a small bag. It is made from strong 100% cotton and it is red inside and outside.

It has a reflector on it so the child is more visible in the dark times.

The little bag fits all the necessary things - books, lunch, footwear.

Machine wash at max 40 degrees of Celsius, preferably with similar colors. Ironing is also allowed if necessary max middle heat, using spray water helps. The bag is getting straight again when using it.

They say that all cats are grey in the night but Midnight Kitten is gray in daylight and at nighttime it starts to work as a reflector. It is a good way to carry a reflector with you without losing it!

The cotton bag is of course suitable for everywhere and anytime - it doesn't matter is it winter or summer.

Midnight Cat is a hand-drawing and the bag is made in Estonia.

Measurements approx: 24 x 28 x 5cm

Handles:  30 cm

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Estonia up to 3 days: 3€
(several bags)

EU 3-10 days: 250g = 5,50€ (max 2 bags)
Outside EU:   250g = 6,50€ (max 2 bags)

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