Spring Adventure

Spring adventure

It is spring ! At least that’s what the calendar says. And peeking outside it really seems like it’s finally here. Geese are migrating, blackbird is singing, willow twig is growing roots in a vase and the sun is so warm.

And all the cat-bags are enjoying this awakening. Spring has lead all the cotton bags with Idle Cats, Ernst and Midnight Cats to a new exiting adventure – they have arrived at Cat Café Nurri in Tallinn. And these four-legged gents and madams are not holding their curiosity to themselves. It is the utmost need to find out what’s this all about, is it perhaps something tasty or maybe a very good thing to get in to sleep.

Anyway – you can purchase your own cat-bag or a present to your friends from the Nurri Cat Café and there are also the postcards with Idle Cats and Ernst.

I wish you
bon appétit, the very best quality time with furry friends and a lovely spring !


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