How the cats ended up to a cotton bag

When I started to systemize my thoughts about these cats and write it down, I realized the utmost complexity of this simplicity. Quite a paradox,  n’es pas?  Because it is simple – the cats, the colours, the conception, the product.

I had to dig my memories and I had to dig far. I wanted to find that beginning where to start, to find the path of the cats, how did they come to me.
And suddenly it happened. I did find this beginning where I believe I can start. Today. Because it happened a long time ago I decided that there’s more words to put down and I can’t be laconic, believing that there is more between the sentences than the actual sentences themselves.

That’s why this story is kind of a serial and these short chapters are appearing like cats in the sun that moves in a room as day develops.

I hope you too – all my beautiful friends, find this interesting. See you !


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Spring Adventure



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