White Idle Cats

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White Idle Cats

Black cats on white background! It is what you have waited for a long time!

This bag is 100% made of cotton, cats are printed on waterbased print. And since this fabric is pre-washed, the shringing % is very small, if at all.

This bag is not in production yet, it is a rehearsal bag.

The bag is washable with 30 degrees Celsius, better if the cats are inside during and ironing also from inside. Wash with similar colors.

This cotton bag with black cats is not so thick as the rest of the Idle Cats bags but is is sill very durable. Inside there is a white strap for something special, washing istructions and a logo.

The cats are hand-drawings and the bag is made in Estonia.

Measurements: 38 x 45 x 8 cm

Handles: 60 cm

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