Smart notebook with a very Long Cat
Black and white

Black and white notebook with the very long cat is a little smart
notebook for good thoughts.

It fits in the handbag, doesn't take much space but there is a lot space in it itself.

You can write down all your
phone or other numbers,
whatever that will come to your mind.

It is hand made from leftover materials.
It has no stripes inside, it is plain white.

Altogether 20 sheets, 40 pages.

Measurements 12,4 x 10 cm (one side); 
when you open it: 24,8 x 10cm

Before you buy please read the shopping guide.

The product is made in Estonia and the cat is an original drawing.

SmartPost XS in Estonia 2,59€ (several notebooks)

Big letter with the tracking no:
EU 5,50€ (1-4 notebooks)
Others 6,50€ (1-4 notebooks)

It can be send via regular post: 1,80€ (1 notebook)

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