The Midnight Cat

Children's bag Midnight Cat

For some time now people have asked me if there’s a children’s bag coming? At first I said that yes, sure, why not and planted the question in the back of my head. When these wishes became more I picked up the idea and started drawing. Something simple, one cat or kitten. I discussed the measurements with parents and let children in kindergarten choose the color.

Because it was October and the weather only got darker every day I decided that this kitten must be a reflector. It would be much more safe for the kid to hold its bag when they come home from kindergarten. So when November came, there was a little kitten, ready to jump on a cotton bag.

It this little cotton bag is behaving itself and get close to people, it will become the full member of DarkroomCat cat-bag family.
And it won’t be the last one!

Actually this cotton bag is very comfortable for grown-ups also.
I myself probably would put in there a book or drawing paper and pencils.

Little red cotton bag and its info and measurements:
Width : 24cm
Height : 28cm
Bottom : 5cm
Handles : 30cm
Reflector : 15x18cm

Inside is logo, label and a little extra strap (just like bigger bags).
Material is 100% cotton, strong ant thick.

Two beautiful models were in a studio one evening to test Midnight Kitten.


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