Something Special

Apple Tree

Something very special has come. Wooden earrings which are not so very special but still … Wooden details are covered with photograph that is hand-made in a darkroom. On it is an apple tree which is about to go green. Apple tree – it is fragile and strong at the same time.

Earrings are very light-weighted so they are not hurting your ears. Hooks are made of silver. Because all the detail are self-sewed they are all different. Every pair is unique.

Wood that is being used, is a second-hand wood. It feels so good to be able to give something a new chance. New chance to be live, to shine.

These earrings are justifying the first word of the brand DarkroomCat – darkroom.

You can be proud to wear these because you know that you are special.

We have 2 different modes – double-side photo and one-side photo. Shapes are also different – squares, rectangles, there are bigger ones and smaller ones – you choose what you like.

Every pair has its own box with short text.

Price is 25€

Photo of the tree is made by Reet Sau


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2 Years in Estonia

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