The Story of Ernst

The story of Ernst

Ernst is a classical proud descendant of a wild-cat and is known to everybody – striped, big, fluffy tail.

His name comes from an adventure story and his character is created by a young writer who loves adventure stories. When the story
begun to an end, the author asked me for help with drawings. I helped with joy. Among other creatures that I drew, Ernst was my favorite and I grew attached to him. The character of this cat is so unrealistically real that there was no doubt what so ever what he’ll be look like.

During the drawing I was caught with a thought that this cat is real. He exists and does his things exactly like he wants, the author have the honor to catch up with its goings and put them on the paper. This cat has just happened to be there in the story, by accident, who knows where he goes from there? Or where he comes from. Will he be true to this one story or take another adventure after that?
Nobody knows.

There has been one adventure though – Ernst is the opening portrait of DarkroomCat Masters series. He is the first to be on a cotton bag.

The story where he comes from is “Andreas Two-Eye and the Secret of the Dragon cave” (the story itself is unpublished):

“The cat called Ernst monitored the stranger for a few moments with its shiny green eyes, jumped noiselessly from railing and followed Andreas, his tail high and its tip carelessly fluttering from right to left.”

Drawings by Reet Sau


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