DarkroomCat in an Estonian brand.

DarkroomCat makes different products. All the drawings are handmade and the most popular are the series of Idle Cats.  You can find them on cotton bags, scarfs, postcards, notebooks.

Because the name DarkroomCat has two words in it - a darkroom and a cat, there are also products with both elements.
And though the basic design of DarkroomCat is about cats, there are also other animals/motives and visiting designers. The whole
concept is gathered under one big word - handmade. All the cats, dogs, other animals, visiting designers have made their work by their hands. Drawings are hand-drawings, photos are made in the darkroom.

Re-use and recycled materials are also important to us. The earrings Apple Tree are made of recycled wood material and postcards are printed on leftovers from bigger works.

The cotton bags of DarkroomCat last long and they are strong. You can machine wash them or iron if needed.
You can wear them in a shop, in a school, on the beach, you can make it into a library bag, you can use it for sports clothing - you name it! These cotton bags are bags for anything.

Cotton bag, environment friendly, courage to be different, recycled, unique and colorful - this is a lifestyle and we - DarkroomCat - are
offering it in our special way.

Our assortment is constantly developing and every year something new is coming. New colors, new drawings. Some of these products are very limited.

Be cool, live fully and slowly and follow us also in Facebook or Instagram.

All the products are made in Estonia.
©Reet Sau